Kingsford plans to sell timber

KINGSFORD – Minerick Logging of Sagola has submitted the high bid for a planned timber harvest on property owned by the city of Kingsford near Nocerini Road in Breitung Township.

Minerick’s bid of $50,516 will be reviewed – along with offers from five other loggers – by VanOss Forestry Services of Crystal Falls, the city’s consulting forester. VanOss will receive a 10 percent commission for overseeing the sale.

The second-highest bid came from J. Carey Logging of Channing at $41,397.

The plan mainly calls for the harvest of mature aspen from the 40-acre site, which was acquired by the city decades ago for potential water exploration. The parcel now serves as a wellhead buffer.

The city council agreed Monday to submit the six bids to VanOss for a recommendation.