Frederick A. ‘Fritz’ Moore

MARQUETTE, Mich. – Fritz passed away Monday at Marquette General Hospital. Born to the late Edward A. “Ted” Moore, former Mining Journal editor and Marie (Harkin) Moore on August 19, 1919. He died August 19, 2013 on his 94th birthday.

Educated in the Marquette public schools, he graduated from Graveraet High School in 1937. A talented musician, he became a professional player and spent his entire life playing in many bands and orchestras throughout his career, living most of his years in Detroit.

In November 2010, he moved to Marquette to spend the rest of his life.

He is survived by his brother, Robert E. “Bob” Moore (Shirley) of Marquette, four grandchildren, numerous nieces, numerous cousins.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Virginia, his daughter Virginia and his son John.

Future plans are indefinite. An announcement will be made at a later date.