Definitions tell

To the Journal editor:

According to Roget’s Thesaurus some synonyms for liberal are: advanced, enlightened, humanitarian, intelligent, magnanimous, rational, reasonable and unbiased.

Again, according to Roget, synonyms for conservative include: controlled, fearful, inflexible, unchanging, traditional and obstructionist.

Pay close attention to the word obstructionist. I believe that the conservative faction of the present day Republican party take that very much to heart.

Ever since President Obama was first elected this has been their one and only objective. To obstruct any and all of the Democratic parties attempts to do anything to improve the economy.

They have refused to negotiate on anything. They have, with their majority voted down every piece of legislation(except the repeal of the ACA) proposed to make any improvement for the working men and women of this country.

The conservatives in the U.S. Senate are just as bad if not worse. The far right there have severely abused the use of the filibuster. They have filibustered almost every one of the presidents political appointments. They have filibustered almost all of his judicial appointments.

They have filibustered jobs bills. They refuse to negotiate, they act like spoiled children holding their collective breath’s until they get their way. They are once again threatening to shut down the government unless they get their way.

Republicans have enough power to stymie every effort by Democrats to get anything done. It is time for these conservative politicians to stop pandering to their paymasters and get to work doing what they were elected to do, represent the people(corporations are not people) who elected them.

Today’s Republican party in national as well as state politics are trying to turn back the clock. Back to the days of Jim Crow when minorities were kept from voting.

Back to the days when women had no rights. Back to the pre-union days when corporations were run by the robber barons and the workingman had no protections.

The next election cycle is coming sooner than you think. Next November, remember what the Republican party is doing, not just in Washington but also in Lansing.

Our power lies in our voting rights, use your right to vote the corporate shills out of office.

Jeff Prusi