Flawed survey cited

To the Journal editor:

Clicking on Marquette city’s website (www.mqtcty.org, upper right corner), starts a survey for Lakeshore Boulevard relocation inland by the old Cliffs Dow property.

It provides 5 options, the first option is to remove the rocks and watch erosion take place at 1.5 feet per year. The next 4 options include the word relocation.

The survey is flawed in that there is no option for just leaving the rocks and road where they are. This road has been the topic of numerous public hearings over the years, with a lot of residents saying to leave the road alone. This survey is the product of Superior Watershed Partnership, apparently chartered by the City to steer this project.

I completed the survey but refused to answer questions one and two asking which options I most and least preferred. Instead I commented in the remarks section “It doesn’t provide an option for leaving the road where it is, or possibly raising it up in place.

“How can you not get the answer you wish if that’s not an option? I recall it was an option at past open forums. I won’t honor your survey by responding to questions one and two. As I recall in the past, many residents were against moving the road.

“The master plan is only that, a plan. There’s nothing to say the master plan must be followed. You don’t ask who is to pay for all this. Anything to do with the shoreline is incredibly expensive. Yeah, I caught the ‘in part’ grant but what part?”

I suspect the results of this survey with be used to justify relocating Lakeshore Boulevard. It’s a good example of a self-fulfilling prophesy.