Question posed

To the Journal editor:

I use Wright Street every day to go to and from work and also while I’m working. I see literally thousands of cars on this two way street and virtually no bicycles.

In a few weeks when Northern students and faculty come back Wright Street will have that many more cars on it.

Making Wright Street bicycle friendly has really backfired as far as I can see! Now the city commission wants Lundin Mining to right the wrong that the city commission created by eliminating car lanes on Wright Street and adding bike lanes that as far as I can see are not being used.

Also how come the City Commission isn’t asking J.B. Hunt to the table when it looks for funding to solve the Wright Street traffic problems?

Sure do see a lot of those double bottom trucks using Wright Street to U.S. 41 heading to the Tilden Mine.

How come they’re OK but not the trucks from the Eagle Mine?

Mike Wickstrom