Opposes Benishek

To the Journal editor:

U.S. Rep Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls, and his fellow House Republicans on July 12 voted for a farm bill that eliminated our food stamp program (officially now labeled Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) that was our food safety net for low-income Americans, and that provides subsidies chiefly benefiting wealthy farmers.

A man implication of U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek’s vote is many American children will be hungry. How will Benishek’s providing subsidies that chiefly benefit the wealthy and his budget cutting and deregulating solve child hunger?

Should We the People support Benishek’s vote and support our food stamp program that provides hungry Americans with food?

This position assumes justice for all.

Which position is based on our basic right?

Is our basic right justice for all or justice for the few wealthy?

Our basic right is revealed in our Constitution, legislative laws, executive regulations and judicial decisions, including those related to our Revolution (national rights movements), New Deal (worker rights movements), civil rights movements, feminist rights movements, environmental rights movements and gay rights movements.

“Justice for all” is declared as our basic right in our Pledge of Allegiance that was passed by our Congress, signed President and accepted by our Supreme Court.

These rights movements reveal our Great Progression from a minimalist federal government promoting justice for the few wealthy white men, to an activist national government promoting justice for all.

Based on justice for all, we oppose Benishek’s vote that eliminated our food stamp program benefiting the low-income and that provides subsidies especially benefiting the wealthy, and we support our food stamp program that provides food for hungry Americans.

To promote our basic right of justice for all that includes food stamps for all hungry American children, We the People should not re-elect Benishek and elect a Democrat.

Gordon C. Peterson


Editor’s note: Gordon C. Peterson is not to be confused with Marquette resident Gordon “Gordy” J. Peterson of the Swanson-Lundquist Funeral Home.