‘Superior Broadway’ a fitting end to great season

MARQUETTE – It is hard to believe that it is the end of the 15th season of Lake Superior Theatre at the Frazier Boathouse, but here we are. And “Superior Broadway” is an ideal way to cap off a great season at LST.

A revue of many of the shows that have been produced at LST with cast members who are new this year all the way back to veterans of the very first season, “Superior Broadway” will entertain audiences off all ages. More than just a musical revue, Superior Broadway also features scenes from plays that have been produced there as well. The show strikes a good balance between serious and funny, music and drama. It is well paced and highly entertaining.

Rather than a review of individual acts or performances, I would like to introduce you to each of the cast members and to some of the scenes that they perform. This cast is supremely talented and I’d proudly cast any of them in shows I produce.

Denise Clark should be familiar to anyone reading this. Actress, singer, director, this woman does it all and does it well. Her duet with Jeff Spencer was phenomenal. Denise put this show together and deserves a lot of credit for recruiting a fine cast and picking shows that were important to LST’s history.

Jeff Spencer was Jeff Spencer. There is no one else like him. Like Denise, he does it all. Great voice, great comedic timing, great acting chops. Count me as a fan.

Bobby Glenn Brown should also be known by all in the area. His lovely tenor is aging well, he looks wonderful, he always owns the stage when he’s on. Paige Graham is one of the younger cast members, but again should be known to all in the local theater scene. Truly remarkable young voice, a pleasure to watch, this young lady could pick up the phone book, use any melody and sing the names and you’d be mesmerized. James Porras II is a wonderful new addition to the LST family.

Another outstanding voice, James also has remarkable acting skills and a great sense of comedy. It is hard not to pay attention to him when he takes the stage. Another high point of the evening is his duet with Alexandra Marks. Alexandra, how do we love thee? She is new to the LST stage and new to the area, but I hope she sticks around for a long time.

Like Paige, I could listen to her sing anything and be very satisfied. Rusty Bowers is the most seasoned LST veteran, performing in the very first production of Beacon on the Rock in 1999. He has been in numerous LST shows as well as productions at NMU, PAAC, and anywhere else that there is a stage. He performs a song with his sons accompanying him on their guitars, a triple treat. Timothy Grams is no stranger to the LST stage. He is always entertaining to watch and a fine actor.

His “inside joke” about a certain “not to be named” production at LST was fun for those in the know. Monica Nordeen is a very fine actress. She reprised her roles in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and as Justine from the Love List. She produced the very fine one woman show “Behind the Dandelions” last year on the LST stage. Last, but certainly not least is Devin Murphy. Devin has appeared in several LST shows including Guys and Dolls Jr. and is a fine young talent.

There are scenes and songs from the original and historical shows that LST has produced over the years including “Life on the Fly” by Dave Hansen, “Lake Stories” by BG Bradley (sadly not appearing in this production), “Holding Our Own” and “Points North” by Shelly Russell, as well as some surprises from other productions. In short, a great slice of the history of LST. Fifteen years young. Looking forward to many, many more. Thanks to Pete and Peggy Frazier for making the boathouse available every summer and helping to create this Marquette summer treasure.

The final performance of “Superior Broadway” runs tonight. Make every effort to see all this talent on one stage. It is well worth it.

Editor’s note: Marty Martello is a Marquette area businessman who has long been involved in and committed to local theater. He has been a long-standing contributor to Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council productions.