On the JOB

MARQUETTE- The Ishpeming Public Schools Board of Education has named Dan Paul the interim superintendent for the district.

Seven people initially applied for the position and that list was narrowed down to four before Paul was hired, said Ishpeming board president Geno Maino. Currently, Paul is considered a full-time employee, giving him time to get to know the district before school starts, Maino said.

“We’re going to play it by ear as to when he will be moved to part time and how (many) days a week he will work then,” he said. “The board will be in communication with the business manager and the principal, and when they are ready for Paul to go to part time, we’ll make a decision.”

Paul’s contract rate is $350 per day worked for a minimum of 120 days with the contract ending June 30, 2014. The previous superintendent contract rate was an annual salary of $92,120.

Paul was born and raised in Caspian and is an alumnus of Northern Michigan University. He has worked in education for 39 years. He started at Menominee Catholic Central where he was an elementary teacher for one year before moving back to Iron River where he taught for 16 years with one year as the elementary principal.

He also served as a principal in Niagara, Wis., for four years, assistant principal in Gladstone for 10 years and superintendent in Prentice, Wis., for two years.

“I semi-retired for about a year and a half after that. I thought that my career was complete,” Paul said. “I volunteered time after school with student activities, but there were still big pieces missing.”

He went back to work at Menominee Catholic Central and served four years as an administrator before coming to Ishpeming.

Paul said there were a lot of difficulties and problems initially at Menominee Catholic Central and it took a number of years to change the climate, the financing and working together with parents and board members. In his last two years there, Menominee Catholic Central increased its enrollment by 53 percent, he said.

“I think my mission in Menominee was completed as far as what I needed to do,” Paul said. “Then Ishpeming came to light.”

Maino said what really stood out to him about Paul was his history of increasing enrollment and he came highly recommended.

“One of the things we’re looking to do right now is expand and increase enrollment and not deal with cuts anymore. We’d rather go the other way and get bigger,” Maino said. “He has a lot of great innovative ideas and a lot of things he does is just promoting the school.”

Paul said former Ishpeming Superintendent Stephen Piereson set the course for success and did a great job doing so.

“Ishpeming has so much to offer and they do so much within the community,” Paul said. “My passion has always been with children and I just hope to make a meaningful difference in their lives.”

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