Nothing good will come from ‘wolf hunt manual’

Breaking the law seldom accomplishes anything, getting the perpetrator into trouble with the authorities aside, of course.

In fact, we believe that violating the law almost always will cause many more problems than it solves.

That, we believe, will be the case if local wolf advocates take an environmental group up on suggestions to disrupt the upcoming wolf hunt in the Upper Peninsula.

Accoording to The Associated Press, Earth First! published online what amounts to a manual to disrupt wolf hunts and sabotage traps.

A wolf hunt is scheduled for November in specific sections of the Upper Peninsula. However, trapping is not a part of that effort.

The online material, Earth First! media spokesman Grayson Flory noted, was written by the “Redneck Wolf Lovin’ Brigade.”

It’s unclear from the AP story who or what that group is.

“We don’t believe something being illegal automatically makes it right or wrong,” Flory is quoted in the AP story. “The wolf hunt manual that we’re redistributing is only about protecting life, not killing it. We’re completely against the harming of living things.”

Wolf hunts are already allowed in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Minnesota.

AP reports that the manual instructs how to find traps and take them out by destroying or hiding them. It also instructs how to release a trapped wolf, noting that doing so is very dangerous, and suggests forming blockades where wolf permits are sold and walking ahead of hunters with air horns.

Take our word for it when we say nothing good will come from this. Mixing well-meaning wolf advocates with people armed with high-powered rifles in the woods is a recipe for disaster. The wolf issue is an emotional one, but it isn’t worth getting arrested, or worse, over.