Opposes amendment

To the Journal editor:

A provision, dubbed the King Amendment, is dangerous to animals, humans and the environment and has been included in the House version of the farm bill.

If the King amendment stays in the final version of this important legislation, countless anti-cruelty laws could be reversed, laws that regulate puppy mills, the slaughter of horses and even factory farms, including the important law that the Michigan legislature passed in 2009 to end the extreme confinement of farm animals.

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, will be on the conference committee that decides the fate of the final farm bill. I was happy to read she has come out strongly against the King amendment.

I urge your readers to contact Sen. Stabenow at 906-228-8756 or via her website at stabenow.senate.gov to urge her to keep her word and do all in her power to strike the King amendment from the final farm bill.

Thank you.

Kevin Crupi