Poncino medalist, Hruska wins 65-69 division at UPLGA senior championship tourney at Pine Grove Golf Club

GLADSTONE – Joann Poncino of Pine Grove Golf Club in Iron Mountain shot 76 at Irish Oaks in Gladstone to lead a field of 82 players as the overall medalist at the 33rd Senior Women’s Tournament sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Ladies Golf Association.

Several Marquette County golfers finished near the top of their age divisions, including Connie Moffatt of Wawonowin Country Club in Ishpeming, who was the net score winner in the 70-74-year-old bracket.

In addition, Janet Hruska of Marquette Golf Club was second in gross score in the 65-69 division, while Karen Plaisier of Wawonowin was second and Barb Blewett of Wawonowin fourth in gross scores for the 60-64 group.

Here are the top finishers, listed in order, in each age group. Golfers are listed with their home club and the club’s location:

50-54 – Gross: Leah Faketty, Oak Crest, Norway; Michelle Mansfield, Riverside, Menominee. Net: Janet Sbar, North Shore, Menominee; Vickie Isaacson, Gladstone.

55-59 – Gross: Deb Joki, Gogebic, Ironwood; Cathy Shamion, Ontonagon; Pam Frankini, Pine Grove, Iron Mountain; Becky Papaik, Terrace Bluff, Gladstone. Net: Michelle Stempihar, Gogebic, Ironwood; Marsha Skellenger, Gladstone; Karen Wollin, Gogebic, Ironwood; Ann LaBumbard, Terrace Bluff, Gladstone.

60-64 – Gross: Karen Wiles, Escanaba-Irish Oaks, Gladstone; Karen Plaisier, Wawonowin; Karen McCorkle, Gladstone; Barb Blewett, Wawonowin. Net: Donna Steele, Oak Crest, Norway; Patty Valiquette, Gladstone; Diane Makela, Gogebic, Ironwood; Sandy Buckland, Irish Oaks, Gladstone.

65-69 – Gross: Dorothy Dansdill, Sault Ste. Marie; Janet Hruska, Marquette. Net: Linda Leach, Gladstone; Patty Kremers, Gladstone.

70-74 – Gross: Sharon Pinar, Terrace Bluff-Irish Oaks, Gladstone; Rosalie Spindler, Gladstone-Irish Oaks, Gladstone; Barb Gravelle, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Linda Depew, Oak Crest, Norway. Net: Connie Moffatt, Wawonowin; Jackie Willey, Sault Ste. Marie; Marty Larson, Irish Oaks, Gladstone; Donna McCotter, Oak Crest, Norway.

75-79 – Gross: Barbara Biolo, Oak Crest, Norway; Ellen Swanson, Gladstone. Net: Betty DeFiore, Gladstone; Joan Anderson, Gladstone.

80-over – Gross: Pat Olson Hollo, Highland, Escanaba. Net: Rita Sturdy, Gladstone.