Competition even at Sands Speedway on Saturday

SANDS – Balance was the theme as nine different racers won the nine races held in four divisions at the Sands Speedway on Aug. 10.

And two other names emerged among the four who posted the fastest times that day.

The closest thing to a double-up was achieved by Wyatt Goodwin of Marquette, who won the feature race and postest the fastest time in Purestock, and Ross Olsen Jr. of Sands, who won the heat and maintained the fastest time in Four-Cylinder Modified.

Here are the top-three finishers listed in order and fastest times posted in each of the event’s four divisions:

Purestock – Heat: Jerry Bartlett, driving for Collin Cavin; Joe Holm, Gwinn; Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette. Feature: Goodwin; Holm; Bartlett (for Cavin). Fastest time: Goodwin, 17.97.

Four Cylinder Modified – Heat: Ross Olsen Jr., Sands; John Holliday, Ishpeming; Todd Maki, Sands. Feature: Jeremy Yelle, Gwinn; Olsen; Cory Carter, Sands. Fastest time: Olsen, 17.343.

Super Stock – Heat 1: Terry Royer, Perkins; Stu Maki, Sands; Todd Yelle, Gwinn. Heat 2: Steve Pepin, Escanaba; Chris Lucas, Beaver Grove; Ross Olsen Sr., Sands. Feature: T. Yelle; Lucas; Pepin. Fastest time: Ray Keskimaki, Marquette, 16.295.

Late Model – Heat: Jason Stanaway, Negaunee; Pete Polini, Marquette; Gary McAuliffe, driving for Mike Mattson). Feature: Darryl Britton, Marquette; McAuliffe (for Mattson); Rob Goodwin, Marquette. Fastest time: Polini, 15.472.