When is enough?

To the Journal editor:

Recently I saw in The Mining Journal about some new buildings in the township. My opinion is this: how many more? How big should Marquette get?

I’ve written before about this. I’ve been in and around very large cities in my life. Lucky I did not have to live in them. Lots of concrete and blacktop. Lots of traffic, more crime, most depressing is loss of the natural beauty the Lord provided for us when he created this place called earth.

Humanity is doing a good job destroying it: the water, air and the land itself. More trees going down field, grasslands, etc. What a shame all for more money. I wonder how much bigger the places can get.

The store’s now are packed full of things to buy. Seems every place I go there are tents with people selling more goods. There is so much stuff out there now. I’m overcome with it. I only buy what’s necessary.

Being born in Marquette in 1940. What a change. It’s sad for me to see what I used to love. The beauty of all the wooded area and small town atmosphere. Being older than me, I’m looking forward to a place that has the most beauty of all. That’s in God’s kingdom.

It will not be tarnished by human hands. The Bible describes it well. Beyond any thing mankind can build and besides, Jesus Christ will be there to welcome all who receive him as Lord and Savior. So on goes the building in Marquette.

Let’s see how it all turns out in the end. I may be gone before it’s like the big cities that I passed through, but did not have to live in them.

William Maki