New township offices right facility at right time

Marquette Township is scheduled to open its new township hall and community center and fire hall this week. Construction on the new $3.9 million project was completed almost a month early, aided by a longer than expected construction season last fall.

Work on the new halls -which include an 11,966 square-foot township hall with a community center and a 14,143 square-foot fire hall- began last fall and was scheduled to be completed by Aug. 31.

We think it’s great that bullding of the two halls -which are situated diagonally across an intersection from each other along Commerce Drive- went so well and that township residents can begin using their new facilities early.

The effort to get new headquarters for the township government offices and a new fire hall have been ongoing for many years, with several failed attempts now in the rearview mirror.

This latest effort seems to have resulted in some of the best ideas from the past coming to fruition. The new facilities provide modern structures, with up-to-date communications capabilities and other wiring. There will also be plenty of space for current and future needs. The township hall is now more centrally located, providing a “community center” in more than one way.

Payment for the facilities was arranged, and planned for, without residents having to support new tax increases for the construction.

The old fire hall will be remodeled to accommodate the township public works department, which will be consolidated and relocated. The fire hall has been in operation since 1979 and the existing township hall was completed in 1983. Firefighters have sought a new fire hall since 1992.

The new township hall will be open Monday, with no office services remaining at the old hall. Crews are expected to be competely moved into the new fire hall by Wednesday.

A public open house event for the new facilities is expected next month. We congratulate Marquette Township on its new buildings, worthy structures able to service a growing and vibrant community.