Moving DAY

MARQUETTE – Ahead of schedule, Marquette Township government offices, fire crews and equipment will be moving to their new locations that were built in a $3.9 million project over the past year in Trowbridge Park.

As of 8 a.m. Monday, all township hall office services will be reopened at the new township hall and community center at 1000 Commerce Drive, at the intersection with Moran Street and Venture Drive. No services will be available at the old hall at 161 County Road 492 after Friday.

“We’ll be moving all weekend,” Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard said.

The relocation of the fire department will take a few days longer than the move for the township hall.

Marquette Township Fire Department Chief Robert Sims said some final preparations – including a floor coating – are being made at the new fire hall, which is located across the street diagonally from the new township community center.

“We should be completely (moved) in hopefully by Wednesday,” Sims said.

Work on the new halls – which include an 11,966 square-foot township hall with a community center and a 14,143 square-foot fire hall – began last fall and was scheduled to be completed by Aug. 31. However, the construction moved well ahead of schedule.

“Obviously, the weather last fall helped us out,” Girard said.

Crews had hoped to only set footings and place utilities on the building sites last fall.

“By the time the snow fell, we had the buildings enclosed,” Girard said.

Funding for the project includes a short-term loan, funds set aside by the township and the proceeds from sales of township assets, including the current township hall. Money from the township’s fire, public works and general funds will be involved.

The old fire hall will be remodeled to accommodate the township public works department, which will be consolidated and relocated. The fire hall has been in operation since 1979 and the existing township hall was completed in 1983.

Sims said the effort to get a new fire hall has been ongoing for years.

“We’ve been working on this since ’92,” Sims said. “It’s been a long time coming, but its worth the wait, I guess.”

Township officials are planning a public open house for the two new facilities next month.

The township hall will keep its same 228-6220 telephone number. However, service to that line may be disrupted over the weekend. For on-call sewer and water service needs – between noon Friday and 8 a.m, Monday – an alternate phone number of 236-3258 is available for direct access to public works on-call staff, if the main number is not working.

John Pepin can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 206.