Goodwin, Olsen, Jr., Keskimaki, Honkala post top times

SANDS – Riders took to the Sands Speedway track Saturday to compete in the weekly auto race.

The results:

Fastest Times: Purestock, Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette, 18.096; 4 Cylinder Modifieds. Ross Olsen, Jr., Sands, 17.273; Super Stock, Ray Keskimaki, Marquette, 16.238; and Late Model, Bruce Honkala, Ashland, Wis., 15.416.

Purestock: Heat – Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette; Collin Cavin, Marquette; and Doug Maki, Perkins. Feature – Wyatt Goodwin, Marquette; Joe Holm, Gwinn; and Collin Cavin, Marquette.

4 Cylinder Modifieds: Heat – Todd Maki, Sands: Ross Olsen, Jr., Sands; and John Holliday, Ishpeming. Feature – Ross Olsen, Jr. Sands; Todd Maki, Sands; and John Holliday, Ishpeming.

Super Stock: Heat I – Doug Maki, Perkins; Austin Cayer, Escanaba; and Kathie Waselesky. Heat II – Bryce Cuggino, Norway; Todd Yelle, Gwinn; and Ross Olsen, Sr., Sands. Feature – Bryce Cuggino, Norway; Todd Yelle, Gwinn; and Stan Wittler, Marquette.

Late Model: Heat – Darryl Britton, Marquette; Allan Yelle, Gwinn; and Bruce Honkala, Ashland, Wis. Feature – Pete Polini, Marquette; Bruce Honkala, Ashland, Wis.; and Darryl Britton, Marquette.