Group is thanked

To the Journal editor:

The Living with Cancer support group of Marquette County would like to publicly thank the Marquette community, Marquette General Health System and the group known as Cancer Care of Marquette County for their help.

The CCMC, (formerly the Ishpeming Cancer Society), has done so much for us and for so many others in Marquette county. If you are not familiar with them you should be.

They are a volunteer group whose original founders went door to door for donations for the American Cancer Society. Because of such meager monetary returns from the ACS to the Marquette community, the CCMC was founded with all funds to remain in Marquette County and no affiliation with the American Cancer Society.

Government, pharmaceutical companies, and universities raise funds for research. However, persons diagnosed with Cancer need help with available treatment, supplies, drugs, transportation, medical bills, etc., and the CCMC is here to assist them with the kinds of help and support they need now!

The funds for this help come from the United Way, churches, memorials, donations and contributions from various groups, businesses, and citizens of Marquette County.

CCMC’s mission statement is: Our all-volunteer organization provides Patient Services to low-income, uninsured, and under insured cancer patients who are unable to respond to the catastrophic health care costs caused by this disease and its treatment.

We also sponsor Prevention/Detection Programs for citizens living in Marquette County and participate and aid similar cancer programs by other county organizations if funds are available.

What a commendable group with such a commendable mission! Please join us in thanking these Cancer Care of Marquette County volunteers by learning more about them and their mission at or and by donating money to help them carry on their mission.

Judy Farrell

For the Living with Cancer

Support Group of Marquette County