Info sharing between states, fed, benefits everyone

It isn’t often that we can report that an arrangement between state governments constitutes the proverbial win-win situation.

Typically, under contractual agreements one party is getting the better of the other.

So it’s with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction that we pass along information released this week by The Associated Press that describes not only a win-win between Michigan and another state, but a win-win-win because the federal government will also come out on top.

According to AP, Michigan is sharing its Medicaid technology system with Illinois to save both states and the federal governments tens of millions of dollars.

The states say their unprecedented alliance will let Illinois access Michigan’s Medicaid Management Information System. It’s the technology that supports the state’s Medicaid program, AP stated.

Medicaid is a joint federal-state health insurance program for the poor and disabled. Illinois’ current legacy system is more than 30 years old.

Illinois could save $67 million and the federal government $272 million under the arrangement. Michigan could cut its operation and maintenance costs by 20 percent and potentially save $10 million over five years, said AP.

We like this idea not only because it will save a lot of money for all parties concerned but because it showcases what people can do, if they allow themselves to think outside the box.