NRC was right on

To the Journal editor:

I applaud the Michigan Natural Resources Commission on making the right decision on allowing the wolf hunt.

It is a decision long overdue. I believe this decision is in the best interests of the people who are directly impacted by the wolves and their over population.

Not only will the hunt help in balancing the wolves desired population it will also put some fear of man into them. This is a lot of the problem and why people see them. The hunt will be quick and humane.

A lot more humane than what a wolf does to its prey. So again I applaud the commission with the right decision which truly represents the majority of the Upper Peninsula residents effected by the wolves.

Why did I take the time to write this? The main reasons are misinformation and people that should keep their noses out of the Upper Peninsula business. If we are to have a vote it should be from the residents of this area and no where else.

This means the Lower Peninsula and any other state unless you are a land owner. As a 60 year resident on the U.P. myself and no one else had a say on these wolves being crammed down our throats. They never were extinct and they were thinned down because of the problems they bring.

That was just fine by me and 99.9 percent of the people I know. Never once did I ever hear we need wolves. We have all we can do to keep the other predators in balance. We sure don’t need any non-resident cry babies complaining of the thinning of the wolf herd.

You got your wish on this ill conceived wolf introduction. You know the rules and what your biologists quota numbers were. So suck it up and let the professionals do their job.

Pete Nora