God is watching

To the Journal editor:

This letter is directed at two different types of people in the Ishpeming/Negaunee area.

First, to the individuals who patronized the relevant fundraiser booth at both the Ishpeming Fourth of July community event and the Negaunee Pioneer Days Fireworks, thank you for this. The monies raised will go to help some of the survivors of the EF5 tornado, which his Moore, Okla., during May.

But alas! There are some very selfish people who were also at our booth. These individuals didn’t come to patronize our booth, but rather to steal from it. You know who you are, you’re the ones who stole merchandise and also money. Money that was going to help people who have literally lost everything.

Yes, we suffered the loss; but it is those unfortunate families we were helping in Moore, Okla., that lost as well.

Yes, the Ishpeming/Negaunee area has some very generous people; but unfortunately for these communities it is the selfish ones I and my Northern Michigan University students will remember the most from these 2013 festivities.

And we will pray for you even though we don’t know who you are and probably never will. But rest assured, God knows who and where you are.

Deborah Heino, director/adviser

Relevant Campus Outreach