Trail tales told

To the Journal editor:

This letter is to thank all of those individuals, organizations and municipalities that have helped bring the Iron Ore Heritage Trail to its current stage of development. This trail will be a true asset to many user groups as it allows for travel across the region in a safe and enjoyable way.

As avid cyclists, my wife and I have had the opportunity to use the trail from our home in Marquette Township to the city of Marquette and west to Negaunee.

The ability to use this trail system allows us to access other cycling routes while avoiding riding on dangerous sections of roads that have no paved shoulders such as Marquette County Road 492, Grove Street and Brookton Road.

During our rides on the trail we have observed increased use by other cyclists, runners and walkers of all age groups. Everyone seems to enjoy the route, the varying terrain and wooded sections.

This fall my wife and I plan to gather a group of friends and ride the trail west on a color tour, visiting the towns along the trail. We hope to see others out doing the same.

Tom Leone