Grass Stains post U14 coed soccer triumph

MARQUETTE – The Grass Stains posted an 18-0 victory over Team Orange in an Under-14 Coed division game played July 17 in the Superiorland Soccer Association.

Scoring for Grass Stains were Trent Sweeney, Desirae Fernandes, Ella Uren, Rylee Perry, Trevor Borlace and Mason Hemmila.

U6 coed

Here are goal scorers reported for games played July 15 and 17:

Tan Tigers: Cole Kelly, Henry Wood and Matthew Tyler-Smith Explosions: Lachan Plescher, Teddy Hoff and Jack Pond Blue Bombers: Trenton Wash, Ryan Mathie and Siena Goodney Blue Sharks: Oliver Bennett, Joey Tuccini and Molly Wilson Sharks: Peter Nelson and Ian Engstrom.

Daffodil Yellow: Hunter Pennala and Westin Yesney. Green Lightning: Jacob Walker, Bradley Quinnell, Matthew Schlemm and Spensir Brunet

Pale Pink Pumas: Aden Hamalainen, Drew Erickson, Mason Lautenschlager and Rachel Doan Burgundy: Kaleb Chipelewski and Kendal Chipelewski.

U-6 girls

Goal scorers from July 23 were as follows:

Purple Popcorn: Josyln Leuzzo, Olivia Buck and Sarah Chu.

Orange Fireballs: Erin Dahl, Kaylee Hellman and Anna Hennings.

Lime Green Grasshoppers: Maia Hemmila, Lauren Gaboury and Haylee LaCombe.

Red Hot Lava: Kam Sicotte, Melayna Sicotte and Teddi Hubert.

Grey Puppy Dogs: Isabelle Prusi, Halle Palomaki, Samantha Nelson, Kyra Veiht and Claire Maskart.

Yellow Bumblebees: Giana Rowe.

Blueberries: Autumn Gouldman, Aubreee Blackburn and Vivian Trella-Jacobson.

Pink Bubblegum: Atia Harl, Elisa Mahlerbe, Tyleur Wright, Logan McFarren, Anabel Ollila and Ava Andriacchi.

U-8 girls

Goal scorers from the wek of July 23 were as follows:

Wild Blueberries: Anna Grzelak, Kendra Schwemin and Katelyn Dunleav.

Pink Panthers: Monet Argeropoulos, Taryn Koepp, Addie Ollila and Savanna Ross.

Pink Lemonade: Coralee Daugherty, Stella Brunet and Allie Johnson.

Lions: Alexis Adams, Lindsey Lake, Sophia Portale, Erin Moe and Emily Fraley.

Blue Candy: Isabelle (no last nam e available); Althea Bruggink, Lilianna Wilkinson and Delana Sprowl.

Orange Pumas: Quinn Arnsten, Olivia Bohl and Emily Fortino.

Mean Green Machines: Hannah Bleckiner and Isabella Lorens.

Blue Explosion: Abigail Luke and Hannah Goodwin.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Writers Steve Brownlee and Craig Remsburg.