Edit challenged

To the Journal editor:

I respectfully disagree with your editorial that the Michigan Natural Resources Commission’s decision on wolf hunt was a sound one.

First of all, it ignored the voices of over a quarter of a million Michigan residents who signed to have the hunt put on the ballot for the people to vote on.

But before those signatures could be certified the state legislature, the governor, and the NRC changed the laws, rendering the people mute. Funny, my Grandfather, a Michigan native, never told me Michigan was not a democracy like California is.

I was actually under the impression that the entire country was a democracy and the people had a voice, True, the people did vote to give the NRC certain authority. But that was back in 1996 when the public though the NRC would represent this wishes.

This is also not a sound decision because their is no sound science behind it. The wolf population is not out of control.

There are not high percentages of livestock being killed by wolves, or any other predator. Wolves are also not harassing humans. They are afraid of humans and avoid us at all costs.

Lastly, wolves are not game. The word game indicates an animal you are going to kill and eat. No one eats wolves. This is a trophy hunt, plain and simple, done just for the fun of it.

When wolves do kill, they kill only to survive. Only humans kill just for the fun of it.

Janet Hoben

Burbank, Calif.