CHOICE MS: Achieving beauty

We are living in a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. The dizzying array of cosmetic products and procedures threaten to overwhelm a casual consumer. CHOICE MS (Micro-pigmentation Specialty) is a growing business that has been raising curiosity and excitement among women in Marquette. Providing a comprehensive program to achieve beauty is the goal of this company. CHOICE MS provides professional service involving Fashion Consultation, Anti-Aging procedures and Permanent Cosmetic Make-up.

Fashion Consultation involves Color Analysis to choose colors that highlight a person’s features and natural beauty, and Body Shape Analysis to help clients make confident choices in wardrobe selection to complement their unique body shape. Personal Shopping can be arranged for those who anticipate a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, prom or gala.

Anti-Aging Procedures include Skin Needling, Botox, and Fillers. SKIN NEEDLING, the newest most exciting anti-aging procedure, uses a state of the art, IStar Sapphire digital instrument with a single needle. This procedure, which specifically targets wrinkles, is very safe, effective and economical. It stimulates natural collagen production to fill in wrinkles and plump up skin yielding a more youthful appearance, and is also beneficial for reducing scars. Skin Needling used in conjunction with Botox and fillers provides maximize results.

Permanent Cosmetic Make-up, also known as Micro-dermal pigmentation, involves placement of pigment into the dermis to emulate everyday cosmetic makeup. Although similar to tattooing, it differs in technique, pigment and selection of needles. It is used to enhance an individual’s unique physical qualities, not to change or alter their appearance. This technique is primarily used for creation, correction, reshaping or enhancing eyebrows, eye lines and lip lines. Lash enhancement and lash perming are simple but unique procedures. Special paramedical applications include areola pigmentation following breast surgery and corrective pigment camouflage for vitiligo and alopecia.

What is Permanent Make-up?

The term Permanent make-up is very confusing for so many people. It is an established beauty procedure that dates back to Cleopatra. The carefully applied hypoallergenic permanent pigments, made of pure, inorganic minerals, are placed in the dermal layer of the skin. There are no fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added. This procedure is considered permanent since the implanted pigment cannot be washed off. Over time however, all of the color will need to be reapplied. Permanent make-up is a safe and painless process, approved by doctors, and favorably reviewed by many respected beauty writers. Prior to the 1990’s, this procedure was unregulated and performed usually by untrained individuals. Today, trained and certified personnel who follow the guidelines of the National Board of Micro-pigmentation can only offer permanent make-up.

Benefit of Permanent Make-up?

Potential clients include anyone who desires a natural enhancement and freedom from the daily application of makeup. Individuals with sensitive skin, allergies to conventional makeup or oily skin that does not hold onto ordinary makeup or people with thin or sparse eyelashes or eyebrows, or asymmetric eyebrows are good candidates. Physically active individuals can feel confident that their makeup is not compromised during exercise. Permanent cosmetic make-up is especially helpful for persons facing physical limitations such as arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, limited motor skills, and visual impairment. Eunai Danek remembers a client with trembling hands and poor eyesight who was frustrated as she spent over one hour a day to pencil in eyebrows. After getting permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, she was in tears and said, ” I am so happy I had this done! I am going to look great every day without wasting any time putting on makeup.” Even her husband appreciated the time saving.


Eunai Danek, the owner of CHOICE MS, was a professional model who earned a degree in Fashion Design from Northern Michigan University and also became a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Combining her background and medical experience with desire to help others, she completed “Basic and Advanced Permanent Makeup ” training from the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in Costa Mesa, California with internationally renowned Permanent Cosmetic Makeup teacher, Susan Church. Eunai acquired additional beauty certification in 2009 through the “Medical Anti-aging Procedures” course instructed by Susan McIntosh in Michigan.

“I am here to serve all of the women in the Upper Peninsula in reaching their highest beauty potential either by correcting the effect of illness or by enhancing their natural beauty. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to assist those brave women who have overcome the adversity and physical scarring from breast cancer.” – Eunai Danek.

CHOICE MS has special perks that you would find amazing

1. Available even on the weekends

2. Mobility – she comes to your place if needed

3. Free consultation/ free touch up until 100 percent satisfaction achieved

4. Free Latisse with complete eye defining procedures (eyebrows and eyeliners)

5. Half off Latisse with one of eye defining procedures

6. Progressive method program on fillers -cost effective (buy two and get one free)

7. Group discount / party

8. Gift certificate – no expiration date

9. Incentive promotional discount for everyone (10 percent cash bonus)

10. Touch up procedure for permanent make-up is free

“If you want to wake up to perfect makeup everyday, and look your best in any situation, Permanent Cosmetic Make-up is for you. Permanent Cosmetic Make-up is not just an application but also an art that takes talent, skill, knowledge, perfection, dedication, and devotion.”- Eunai Danek


290 Rublein, Marquette,

228 -3661 or 361-1666

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