Leave wolves alone

To the Journal editor:

I am responding to the editorial in The Mining Journal, “NRC’s decision on wolf hunt was a sound one.”

I believe the Michigan government is intentionally misleading the public by claiming wolves as game, and states that they are using science as a decision maker. Clearly, wolves are not game. They are not being hunted for food, like deer or elk, this statement is being used to justify the permitting of wolf massacre.

Wolves are subjected to vicious acts of torture, baiting with poisons, or, hooks, trapping, and denning are only a few examples of torment wolves face every day at the hands of someone who has no regard for life. It is clear; wolves are being hunted for trophies, and the thrill of inflicting pain and suffering.

They are not using any science to make this decision on permitting this outrageous bloodbath, instead they are selling out the majority of taxpayers to satisfy a small group of blood thirsty killers that want to brag about their big kill, of a trapped, helpless animal.

The need for these so called hunters to apply pain and suffering to creatures they are afraid of proves they are suffering from some mental deficiency and should not be permitted the privilege of hunting, or gun ownership!

The Michigan government is disgraceful and lacks the integrity to maintain their position they hold. They have no regard for wolves, nature or the citizens who voted for them for representation! The wolf management plan they are permitting allows barbaric acts to be committed, and is not for the recovery of the wolves, but for the extermination of them!

I love nature and feel it should be treasured. It’s not man’s place to destroy nature and wildlife, but to preserve and treasure them. Like the quarter of a million citizens living in Michigan, I also believe that wolves are part of this wonderful land and deserve to be protected!