Cool heads needed on hot days in construction zones

The peak of the summer road construction season is upon us.

Across the Upper Peninsula, there are numerous state highway projects in progress and some are just getting under way.

The road projects construction often involves lane closures and sometimes the stoppage of traffic completely for several minutes.

Coupled with the warmer summertime temperatures, all of this can result in frustration for motorists trying to get seemingly everywhere in a hurry.

We want to urge drivers to try to relax and tolerate the inconvenience as a necessary evil for the region.

Locally, there are current projects along the U.S. 41 bypass and U.S. 41 West in Marquette and near Second and Third Streets along U.S. 41 in Ishpeming. A new project starts Monday along U.S. 41 South near the Alger-Marquette counties border.

The Marquette and Ishpeming projects have undoubtedly slowed traffic through areas already congested with heavy traffic.

The traffic slow downs have resulted. at times, in long lines of vehicles, making entering and leaving the highway more challenging. This, in turn, has also resulted in fewer customers visiting some local businesses.

All of this can be frustrating. But at the same time, improvements are being made to well-traveled sections of some of our most important roadways. The construction also provides construction jobs that are also helpful to our area.

We all want better roads and the more of that type of improvement we can get, the better. However, that result may come at the expense of being able to leave later when driving to work each morning or getting home on time at the end of a long the day.

A quick trip to the grocery store can become a pain in the neck and a longer vacation drive can be no day at the beach.

Thankfully for motorists, a construction project lasts only a period of a few days to several weeks, in any case, it is temporary. We think this is something good to remember the next time you’re slowed down to a crawl.

Roll down the windows to cool off, turn on some music and chances are you won’t remember your inconvenience a few weeks from now when you’re driving over that now newly-improved stretch of U.P. highway.