City officials warn against posting fliers

MARQUETTE – Marquette city officials are asking area residents to stop putting fliers on posts or poles in the public right of way.

According to City Planner and Zoning Administrator Dave Stensaas, the city code addresses the issue in its nuisance provision under the “Environment” section of the code (section 22-26).

It reads, “No person shall distribute, throw, drop or scatter in any street, alley or public place, or in or upon any vehicle located in any street, alley or public place, any poster, handbill, card, sample, or other advertising material in such a manner as to result in the littering of any street, alley or public place.”

“Handbills and flyers taped to posts and poles in the public right of way detract from the aesthetic of our beautiful, historic downtown,” Stensaas said in an email to The Mining Journal. “The problem is widespread though, and ongoing. We find that outside of the urban core, most signs are removed in a generally short period of time.”

Stensaas said the Marquette City Police Department enforces the city’s code, and that violation of the code is a civil infraction.

Stensaas said the city’s zoning/code enforcement official “frequently removes advertising signs from the public right-of-way” but that handbills are not specifically targeted for removal. However, he said, the handbills are “often collected by our staff in the field.”

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