Don’t blame Lowe’s

To the Journal editor:

I believe that John Kivela should slow up a bit in his effort to “impact” Lowe’s as if the firm is the direct cause of the large number of auto collisions near its exit. Lowe’s is certainly not at fault. Granted, however, Lowe’s customers create the most traffic.

But let’s look at a bit of history. The driveway serving Lowe’s also serves Gordon Food Service, which became the first user. But that is not to say that GFS should share the cost of reconstruction of the driveway plan any more than Lowe’s should.

What about existing vendors along U.S. 41 such as 41 Lumber, Gander Mountain, Menards, Walmart? And the list goes on. What have they had to contribute over on their side of U.S. 41?

Personally, I don’t believe any vendor should have to share these costs. They all pay taxes to Marquette Township and bring shoppers to the area, an obvious plus for all of Marquette County.

Another factor in this problem is the drivers themselves. Lets remember that every accident involved one driver who was at fault. Many drivers lack the patience or the ability to judge the speed of oncoming cars, thus causing collisions.

An additional thought: There is another exit out of the west portion of the existing parking lot. Since it is definitely possible that there will be more vendors in that area, that will create additional problems.

In my opinion, the cost of designing and building suitable entries and exits for business should not be borne by the businesses being served. Bullying Lowe’s will not be the best solution.