Market must be local

To the Journal editor:

I am currently living in northern British Columbia and drive back and forth to Michigan, my home, at least once a year.

I always shop at farmers markets when possible and avoid restaurants and motels opting out for roadside parks and rest areas. I have probably visited 50 different markets big and small along the way.

I live currently in the Bulkley Valley in British Columbia and we have four local markets in the area on different days. They have a one hundred mile radius where the food or products have to come from, and the products are made local.

You can’t buy from somewhere and re-sell it at the market.

I was outraged that Marquette would even consider allowing grocery stores to sell at the market.

What’s next?

It took Marquette forever to get up to speed with the rest of the country with a market and finally some food (still lacking).

Please don’t take a step back. If I want grocery store food I will go to the store when the market isn’t available. Stay local!

Ellen Rabe

Telkwa, British Columbia