Former store clerk sentenced for theft in Delta County court

ESCANABA – The store clerk who allowed her friend to take money from the cash register at the Grain “N’ Grape nearly a year ago was sentenced to five months in jail. The ruling was handed down in Delta County Circuit Court Wednesday.

Annaelise Marie Ambrose, 23, of Escanaba, assisted in a larceny at the convenience store, located at 6998 U.S.2/41 and M-35, on Aug. 1, 2012. While working there, she opened the till and allowed Abby Beth Johnson, 21, of Escanaba, to steal cash. After waiting a few minutes, Ambrose activated the store’s silent alarm alerting police of a robbery.

Ambrose, who knew of Johnson’s plans ahead of time, told police she was robbed at gunpoint by a masked man who demanded money and then fled the store with cash, liquor and cigarettes.

Ambrose was charged with one count of attempted larceny in a building and one count of lying to a police officer investigating a larceny. She was sentenced to two concurrent sentences of five months in jail and given credit for five days served.

The victim, the store owner, gave a statement to the court about how she thought she was helping Ambrose by allowing her to work at the Grain ‘N’ Grape. Ambrose disappointed the store owners and manager as well as herself, said the victim.

In addition to the jail sentence, Ambrose was ordered to pay $596 in fines and costs. She will also pay $6,042 in joint restitution with two co-defendants. She was placed on probation for 18 months.