Fantastic fourth

To the Journal editor:

The Marquette Noon Kiwanis Fourth of July Parade Committee wishes to extend our appreciation to the citizens of Marquette and surrounding communities for their continued support of the Fourth of July parade; without it we would not be able to continue this undertaking.

We also want to thank all 87 participants especially those businesses and employees who took the time to build floats. Thank you. The parade committee hopes the future focus of the parade is more music, more marching bands and more floats.

Thank you to the Harley Davidson riders for the exciting start to the parade and to the Ishpeming Blue Notes for ending the parade on a “High Note!”

In addition, we extend our gratitude to the following people and businesses for their assistance and donated items for the parade:

Tom Tourville and employees of Tourville Apartments, Doug Gentz from Michigan Sales, Rick Nelson from BSA, Walgreens, Family Video, Hiawatha Amateur Radio Association, Pride Printing, Joe Hutchens and the city of Marquette departments of public works and police department.

We look forward to next year’s July Fourth Parade. Come out and help us make it even better than this year.

Patricia Couvion

On behalf of the Marquette Noon Kiwanis Fourth of July Parade