SSA lists goal scorers for U8, U6

MARQUETTE – Here are scorers from U8 and U6 divisions in the Superiorland Soccer Association:

U8 girls

Games from the week of July 14:

Blue Candy: Carolyn Eagle, Althea Bruggink, Lilianna Wilkinson, Delana Sprowl, Kendall Prus and Emma Spade

Dandelions: Jordan Enright and Kaylen Wallner

Blue Explosion: Lucy Bartlett, Jennifer Blondeau and Ella Mason

Pumas: Leah Gobert and Quinn Arntsen

Pink Panthers: Addie Ollila

Pink Lemonade: None

U8 coed

Games of July 15:

Grey Sharks: Bastian Gephart, Quinn Kerekes, Austin Beres and Drew Zerbel

Lime Green Ninjas: Easton Miller and Isaac Johnson

Blue Bulls: Rylan Ragusett, Brett LaBelle, Isaac Sarles and Jack Quinnell

Banana Splits: Phil Nelson, Kaitlyn Williams and Tucker Havel

Games of July 17:

Orange Tigers: Jace Moore and Wylen Cambensy

Red Hot Machines: Kenneth Crum, Samuel Way and Holden Hutter

Green Ninjas: Drew Dellies, Liam McFarren, Mason Doan and Ryan Voskuhl

Screamin Blue Neptunes: Peter Closner

Blue Dragons: Kainoa Lacar and David Carlson

White Winter Wolves: Avery Pascoe, Andrew King, Anthony Petrocik and Grace Sobczak

U6 girls

Games of July 16:

Red Hot Lava: Kam Sicotte and Melayna Sicotte

Pink Bubble Gum: Elisa Mahlerbe, Mia Spitz, Tyleur Wright, Anabel Ollila, Logan McFarren and Ava Andriacchi

Orange Fireballs: Aubry Kalcich and Kaylee Hellman

Yellow Bumblebees: Giana Rowe, Jocelyn Mead and Ruby Burridge

Blueberries: Aubree Blackburn, Autumn Gouldman and Vivian Trella-Jacobson

Lime Green Grasshopers: Izzie Cangemi, Emilee Marier and Maia Hemmila

Grey Puppy Dogs: Claire Maskart, Halle Palomaki, Samantha Nelson, Ella Standerford and Kyra Veiht

Purple Popcorn: Carley Palomaki, Alexis Hammerstrom, Sarah Chu and Olivia Buck