NMU graduates announced

MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University recently announced its graduates. The following students satisfied their degree requirements for vocational diplomas, certificates and associate degrees in May 2013.

Vocational Diploma

Calumet – Kyle Buckett, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Carney – Ethan Schetter, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Crystal Falls – Anthony DeMuri, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Alexander Takala, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; John Takala, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Escanaba – Bryant Dault, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Gwinn – James Eman, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Keenan St Aubin, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Iron Mountain – Derek Barnes, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Thomas Cvengros, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Thomas Lefebvre, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Ishpeming – Anthony Hamel, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Lucas Yeager, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Marquette – Darren Bartle, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Joshua Beaudry, VOC-Electrical Line Technician; Douglas Ohman, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Negaunee – Kyle Wilson, VOC-Electrical Line Technician

Skandia – Patrick MurphyVOC-Electrical Line Technician


AuTrain – Cory Cole, CER-Facilitating Training

Champion – Melissa Marietti, CER-Clinical Assistant

Gladstone – Marcus Rubright, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech

Gwinn – Devin Alessandroni, CER-Welding; Jeffrey Johnson, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech; Samantha LeHigh, CER-Cosmetology; Jeannine Norris, CER-Cosmetology; Daniel Weith, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech

Hancock – Rachel Blau, CER-Cosmetology

Houghton – Brandon Louks, CER-Welding; Jennifer Markham, CER-Cosmetology

Iron River – Christopher Colburn, CER-Geographic Info Systems; Jacob Wicklund, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech

Ishpeming – Toni Clisch, CER-Clinical Assistant; Toni Enrietti, CER-Cosmetology; Brianna Parks, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech; Callie Ruohomaki, CER-Clinical Assistant; Jesse Santamore, CER-Welding

Marquette – Wendy Alexander, CER-Facilitating Training; Andrea Bouchard, CER-Cosmetology; Edward Brooks, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech; Jacob Brugman, CER-Automotive Service Technology; Tricia Bush, CER-Facilitating Training; Shannah Erath, CER-Welding; Chase Genschaw, CER-Welding; Jacob Gervais, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech; Christopher Johnson, CER-Heating/Air Cond/Refrigeration; Robert Koszla, CER-Welding; Ryan Marceau, CER-Welding; William Mathis, CER-Welding; John Noble, CER-Welding; Matthew Peters, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech; Amanda Roll, CER-Cosmetology; Joel Tapio, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech; Richard Temple, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech

Negaunee – Melissa Arbelius, CER-Public Management; Alyssa Dix, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech; Derek Hicks, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech; Adam Kainulainen, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech; Brian Price, CER-Public Management; Adam Wainio, CER-Computer Numeric Control Tech

Skandia – Samantha Bergdahl, CER-Cosmetology; Christian L’Huillier, CER-Aviation Maintenance Tech

Trenary – Danielle Falkiewicz, CER-Cosmetology

Wetmore – Timothy PerryCER-Automotive Service Technology

Associate Degree

Baraga – Bradly Wadaga, AAS-Electrical Technology

Champion – Traci Murray, AAS-Radiography, with Honor

Crystal Falls – Korie Kezerle, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor; Dylan Taylor, AAS-Respiratory Therapy, with Honor

Dollar Bay – Danielle Benson, AAS-General University Studies

Eben Junction – Kenneth DuVall, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with Honor

Escanaba – Thomas Burke, AAS-General University Studies; Julia Kettle, AAS-Respiratory Therapy

Gwinn – Tracy Benzing, AB-General Business; Jessica Johnson, AB-Office Information Assistant; Jordan Krook, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Robert Marks, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Kattie Tinney, AS-Criminal Justice

Houghton – Leah Humphries, AAS-General University Studies

Iron Mountain – Lucas Hurzeler, AS-Criminal Justice; Nicole Peiffer, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor

Ishpeming – Andrew Carlson, AAS-Building Technology; Shelby Flack, AB-General Business; Heather Frechen, AB-General Business; Amber Harmala, AS-Criminal Justice; Benjamin Kivela, AT-Food Service Management; Seth Kohtala, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with Honor; Amy Langson, AB-Health Information Processing; Markus Maddock, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Megan Mattson, AB-Health Information Processing; Melissa Peredo, AB-Health Information Processing

ishpeming – Kristy Pierson, AAS-General University Studies

Ishpeming – Erika Roberts, AAS-Respiratory Therapy, with Honor; Cody Snell, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Adam Uuro, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with High Honor

L’Anse – Ashlyn Ahola, AB-Health Information Processing

Lake Linden – Brianna Gervais, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor

Lanse – Jennifer Laufenberg, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor

Manistique – Brittney Pierce, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor; Lynnelle Tallman, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor

Marquette – Nicole Allen, AB-Health Information Processing; Jon Berglund, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Alexandria Borowski, AAS-General University Studies; Liz Brandt, AB-Health Information Processing, with Honor; Stephen Brown, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Elliott Bruinekool, AT-Food Service Management; Tyler Campbell, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Thomas Doran, AAS-Climate Control Technology, with Honor; John Fiorani, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Samantha Fortunato, AT-Food Service Management; Jason Freeman, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; James Gummerus, AAS-Electrical Technology; Joshua Halquist, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Amy Hamari, AAS-Respiratory Therapy; Jordan Haske, AAS-Respiratory Therapy; Rebecca Joseph, AB-General Business; Mick Kinney, AS-Criminal Justice; Amanda Lancour, AB-Health Information Processing; Elsa Linna, AAS-Respiratory Therapy, with High Honor; Justin Morrison, AB-CIS; Mason Moyle, AB-General Business; Brian Peterson, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Alyssa Pilot, AT-Food Service Management; Alyssa Rabitaille, AB-Health Information Processing; Sarah Robie, AB-Health Information Processing; Michael Saunders, AAS-Computer Numerical Control Tec; Kristy Schwiderson, AAS-Aviation Maintenance Tech, with Honor; Brandon Smejkal, AAS-Climate Control Technology, with Honor; Derek Smith, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Amanda Soderberg, AB-Office Information Assistant; Alysha Souders, AB-Health Information Processing; Roy Stefanac, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Seth Stevens, AAS-Electrical Technology; Kaitlyn Storey, AAS-Respiratory Therapy; Maegan Stunkard, AB-Health Information Processing; Drew Walker, AB-Health Information Processing; William Woody, AAS-Climate Control Technology

Negaunee – Alyssa Carlson, AB-Health Information Processing; Jon Schinella, AAS-Electrical Technology; Olivia Stanaway, AB-Health Information Processing; Alison Tuominen, AAS-Radiography, with Honor; Ryan Williams, AAS-General University Studies

Norway – Jacob Hinds, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Andrea Schultz, AAS-General University Studies

Ontonagon – Jerry Schoch, AAS-Industrial Maintenance, with Honor

Republic – Tyler Kerkela, AAS-Computer Numerical Control Tec, with High Honor

Skandia – Elisabeth Underwood, AAS-Electrical Technology, with High Honor

Wetmore – Brian Bolm, AAS-Climate Control Technology; Michael Dolkey, AAS-Respiratory Therapy

White Pine – Darren TuomiAAS-Climate Control Technology, with High Honor