Respect needed

To the Journal editor:

I am very disappointed in what is transpiring in our community of Gwinn. No one wants to see a school closed, but because of the limitations in funding for education and low enrollment, it is a necessity.

What is wrong with the elementary students being housed in one school which can accommodate them? I understand that the administrators, teachers and staff at K.I. Sawyer and Gilbert elementary school are doing a good job. When put together, won’t the same be true?

A statement was made in The Mining Journal about the Ishpeming School District facing what our District is going through. Are you aware that it was necessary to close the C.L. Phelps Middle School located in the city of Ishpeming?

There have been cruel words and statements said towards individuals who are trying their best to serve our school district.

This is very hurtful to them and the peace and harmony in our community is being affected. Closing a school is a very emotional issue. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

Please let us respect each other, work together, and treat one another as we would want to be treated.

Kay Ghiardi