BLP warns of scam

MARQUETTE – Marquette Board of Light and Power officials are warning customers about a scam being perpetrated in the local area by individuals threatening that electricity would be shut off unless a payment is made.

The BLP said several telephone calls from concerned commercial and residential customers were received Monday morning. Those customers had received calls from a telephone number originating in the Detroit area from callers identifying themselves as Brian or James.

The men asked for a payment or threatened shut off of electricity. One local business was asked to make a payment of about $2,000 within an hour, BLP officials said.

Officials with the BLP said the number the calls are coming from is (313) 427-0362.

None of the customers who contacted the BLP had provided credit card or other financial information to the callers. The Marquette City Police Department has been notified of the scam and officers suggested anyone receiving such calls not provide any information and hang up the phone.

John Pepin can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 206.