State on ‘fatal’ list

To the Journal editor:

I am very disappointed in your editorial, “NRC’s decision on wolf hunt was a sound one” published one week ago.

Once again, the voice of the people has been silenced by political special interests and the demonizing of the wolf in the Upper Peninsula.

Michigan now joins the “Fatal 5” states, who claim to “manage” wolves, but instead have clearly embarked on a controlled eradication campaign, which in the end will leave wolf packs disbanded and reproduction doubtful in the long run.

I really had great hope that Michigan politicians would take the high ground and listen to their constituents, the vast majority of whom do not want to see wolves hunted.

As anyone knows, wolves are not hunted for food; they are killed for a trophy (really, a dead animal on your mantel piece or floor?) as well as out of miss-placed hatred for an intelligent, family-driven pack animal.

Irresponsible animal husbandry practices in the U.P. and people letting their dogs run loose all over the place needs to stop; not killing more wolves.

To my last point, people living in urban areas where they know coyotes also live are told not to let their dogs out into their yards unattended, since coyotes will even scale a fence to take a dog.

Considering the fact that not only did the majority of citizens speak out against any hunt, some of the best known wolf scientists have as well.

Michigan is now just another example of a miscarriage of justice, and once again the wolf has been betrayed by humans entrusted with protecting the species.