Forsyth challenges

To the Journal editor:

What does it take to get them Forsyth Township farmers to play by the rules of the land? Sign code violation?

How about some of those real estate signs that block the view of highways? That’s OK because the boss has a real estate license.

These folks should be publicly chastised, maybe Nordeen Park on a Saturday in friendly Gwinn.

If you didn’t approve of the farm folk, you could throw a sheep chip at them, brought in fresh from the Shady Grove Farm U.P. And if you approve of what they’re doing, help them.

What is disturbing is the fact that in the past we weren’t able to get help with code violations out here on base because there was a shortage of money, people or a will to do what should be done.

If these kids had the dubious moniker of the slum lords of Forsyth you wouldn’t be reading about them.

The whole situation smells and it isn’t just sheep.