Theft unappreciated

To the Journal editor:

Four years ago, I began to take serious care of my parents lot at the Negaunee cemetery as the weeds began to overtake everything.

While cutting, trimming and weeding, I noticed friends and their relatives headstones in close proximity to our lots.

So I took on three more graves figuring they were right there and it wouldn’t take much more to do them.

As I was leaving the cemetery that day, I noticed the Veterans Memorial and couldn’t help but noticing the same situation with the weeds. So I added that to my list, especially that honoring the men who served our country and paid the ultimate price.

Recently, I added eight more sites, so naturally hoses and sprinklers came into play. Unfortunately, with my back giving out while lifting the mower from the trunk, I ran into problems as the graves were spread out. Thankfully, Timmy King (cemetery caretaker) came to my aid by letting me use one of their push mowers.

Now for the bad news. Hoses and sprinklers begin to disappear. I even marked them with cards encased in water proof protection saying, “feel free to use but don’t take.”

Today, two other people told me they had hoses, sprinklers and even timers taken … I am now considering game cameras. Isn’t that thought insane? Game cameras in the cemetery. But it is really getting sad.

If you are one of the (thieves) who steals and reads, please consider people are just trying to take care of loved ones and they really don’t need this.

Thank you.

Sonny Guizzetti