Future looks bleak

To the Journal editor:

July 4th recently passed for another year. It was a day of celebration for our many freedoms we enjoy in the USA. But it did not come free. Many lives were lost through the years. Beginning way back when people came to settle in this country. They did not like to be under British Rule. So began our fight to stay free from domination of other countries or controlled by powers in place.

Many wars have since been fought to keep our freedom. We must be careful to watch for changes happening right now. If people in power can get their way then watch out! Loss of unions has already taken place. Good pay and benefits are falling by the wayside. Watch as companies get bigger and have more control. That includes mining, oil, food, etc. They can dictate what you pay for what you need, food energy and such.

Years ago there were many small stores and businesses. Plus services to go along with it. That has pretty well disappeared too. Now we have many big apartment buildings as some people cannot buy a home. If your renting and can’t pay the rent, out you go. The new age, as I call it, is not much for the working people. Rich are making more and only a small percentage have lots of money.

Also, our government is not much on the side of the people. Seems to me, they take away more benefits such as social security, medical and many changes in our constitution. Amendments they call them. Not what our founding fathers intended for our freedoms.

So let’s see what happens. Being older, maybe it won’t affect me as much. But those who are younger may be in for a rough ride. Only time will tell. My last comment is this: I was glad to be raised in the 50s, which to me was a good decade. Most people were better off more or less, having a decent home and more concern for each other, etc.

William Maki