Marquette County students attend 59th annual band camp in Iron County

Fifty-five junior and senior high band students from Marquette County were part of the recent 59th Iron County Band Camp. It was a week filled with full band rehearsals, sectional practices, private lessons and many performances. Students who attended included Lindsey Baldwin, Nate Ball, Paige Barber, Jessica Barber, Dillon Bennetts, Cora Bleau, Janekke Caroll, Caitlyn Clement, Grant Daignault, Cullen Downs, Katie Edwards, Grace Feliz, Sandra French, Noah Gannon, Emma Gregory, Gracie Harrington, Julia Janowski, Jacob Johnson, Emma Kaznowski, McCall Kochevar, Nick Lacelle, Nathan Lacelle, Anthony Lackey, Katie Lambert, Eden Langlois, GlenEllen Lehmberg, Garrett Lewis, Anne Ludwig, Sean Mackey, Irja Maki, Oskar Martinez, Kelsey Matthews, Amanda Matznick, Kirstyn Miles, Corey Miles, Chelsea Morin, Anna Morrison, Charles Morton, Catherine Nevala, Bradley O’Hagan, Douglas O’Hagan, Andrea Olson, Dana Paquet, Caroline Reynolds, Faith Ross, Nathan Rotundo, Lauren Rotundo, Michael Ryan, Adam Smith, Clara Smith, Sabrina Stanley, Katrina Tavernini, Logan Vear, Thomas Ziegler and Kate Zorn.