Wolf hunt an attack

To the Journal editor:

Fundamentally, the current manipulations amount to intentional attacks on our democracy, inasmuch as our politicians, up to and including Gov. Snyder, are doing their best to subvert the rights of the people to govern, even to change existing laws to perpetuate that goal.

Most urgently – we must stop their efforts to make legal a wolf-hunt of any kind in Michigan. Existing laws already provide means to control rogue wolf activities if they occur.

We can discredit those politicians by showing that their claims concerning predation and conflict are not credible.

1. MDNR says that 48 percent of the recent predations were on the Matchwood Koski farm, where, despite ongoing aid from DNR, Mr Koski did little or nothing to protect his cattle. Read wolf specialist Brian Roell’s report for gory details and for repudiation of the Detroit Free Press article, which has now been withdrawn. Dozens of wolves have been shot and trapped there at our expense yet Mr K. leaves carcasses in his field, essentially as bait. Both he and the DNR are at fault.

2. The next major complaint, used and abused by Rep. Casperson, comes from the Ironwood area. There too the wolves are not to be blamed. The law should have turned on the residents who fed the deer and lured them and the wolves, into town.

3. The other issue raised by would-be hunters was predation on dogs, not IN Atlantic Mine as reported but several miles down the road in a sparsely populated area near Liminga. There too the owners of at least two of the three dogs should have been blamed for letting the dogs run loose. The wolves, with a den nearby, saw a big black dog (like a small bear) in a field and dispatched it.

That takes care of the major claims of predation.

A significant piece of information withheld concerns illegal killing in addition to that illegally permitted by DNR. Info supplied by collared wolves tells us that about 25 percent of the population is already killed illegally by hunters and trappers. That would amount to about 150 wolves/year, some of them with cubs.

We have no record of attacks on humans in Michigan.

Neither the legislators nor the NRC have sound scientific knowledge concerning wolf management.

They have misled us, very deliberately.

Those people, not fit to govern, should be replaced immediately.