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Summer is finally here on the calendar, but temperature-wise I’m not so certain. Whatever you’re doing this summer, paperbacks are just the right size to put into a bag and carry wherever one may be going. That’s why I’ve selected a few of our new paperbacks to highlight in my favorite genre, mysteries. I hope you enjoy these quick reads while enjoying the out-of-doors and the U.P.

Denise Swanson is the author of a new series, Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery. In the series, Swanson writes Devereaux Sinclair back home in Missouri where she opens a little store. In the first book, Little Shop of Homicide, a gift from Devereaux’s store causes questions about her innocence in a murder case. She enlists the aid of family, friends and a deputy U.S. Marshall to clear her name; to prove she’s not like her criminal father. A second book in the series is titled Nickeled-and-Dimed to Death. Amateur sleuth Devereaux quickly joins authorities to solve another murder in town that has her friend Boone as the suspect. Follow her again as she works to solve the murder and clear him.

Another series of books that is good to read belong to A Farmer’s Market Mystery. Paige Shelton writes this series following the escapades of Becca Robins, heroine extraordinaire. Becca lives on a small farm and makes jams and preserves for her living. Follow her as she interacts with her neighbors solving murders in Fruit of All Evil, Farm Fresh Murder, A Killer Maize and Crops and Robbers. The library has all four titles in our paperback collection.

My next selection, A Cheese Shop Mystery titled To Brie or Not to Brie was written by Avery Aames. Set in Providence, Ohio, main character Charlotte Bessette has learned how to handle work, love and family commitment while still creating new recipes. Everyone loves her new Brie blueberry ice cream. But someone had it out for the stranger in town. He turns up dead in the freezer of the Igloo Ice Cream Parlor. Charlotte works throughout this book to find the murderer while still maintaining her shop, creating food for Matthew’s wedding and coping with life. Recipes included.

Washington, D.C., is the setting in Maggie Sefton’s latest, Deadly Politics. Unemployed Molly Malone turns to her niece Karen for help in finding a new job. Through Karen’s connections, Molly accepts a position with a freshman senator. All is not right in the office; Molly discovers secrets. Are the secrets what caused someone to kill Karen? Molly is quickly on the trail to find her niece’s murderer.

And speaking about jobs that might kill – Elaine Viets is author of a mystery series called A Dead-End Job Mystery. There are several titles in this series, but the one that I picked up is Murder with Reservations. It’s the story about Helen Hawthorne, a housekeeper at Fort Lauderdale’s Full Moon Hotel. She works hard for her paychecks cleaning rooms at the hotel and definitely understands why co-worker, Rhonda, just up-and-left. Then poor Rhonda is found dead in the dumpster. Helen becomes paranoid that someone is following her, only to discover that it’s her ex. Does he have anything to do with Rhonda’s death?

Twist Phelan authored Spurred Ambition that is set near fictional Pinnacle Peak, Ariz. Enter Hannah Dain, lawyer and rock climber. After discovering an illicit affair and the fact that the man she believed was her father is not, Hannah leaves the “family” firm. She takes a job doing legal work for the Tohono O’odham Office of Tribal Affairs which is on a local reservation. Tony Soto is her new boss, but something feels odd. Is Tony innocent, or does he know about the hoax? Hannah is kept busy as she tries to unravel two mysteries at once.

What would this list be without A Library Lover’s Mystery on it? Incomplete! Another series and another terrific mystery paperback, Due or Die by Jenn McKinlay has library director Lindsay Norris answering more than just reference questions. She’s searching for answers to the questions of who murdered Mr. Rushton and who’s out to get Carrie, his wife. The library has multiple titles in this series.

– Vicki Mann

Reference Desk