Gwinn on right track

To the Journal editor:

The Gwinn School Board has most certainly hit the correct button this time. Ask the fellow Superintendents in and around our great peninsula. His broad knowledge in administration found him to be in constant demand of advice by fellow administrators.

Stephen Piereson guided a struggling district for a number of years. His ability to look into the future and take the necessary actions avoided many a fiscal crisis. More importantly, his focus was even more intense when it came to the education of the students in the district. Not sure, but he may have known them all by name.

Working under Dr. Piereson meant earning his trust. He “loosened the leash” gradually and when earned, allowed one to spread their wings.

Residents of Gwinn, listen carefully to this man. He has been tempered in a tough environment. Dr. Piereson will need your patience and support but, guaranteed, he will show you the way.