Clearing the air

To the Journal editor:

When the question is asked; “Do you like living here?” The response is usually yes. Quite often one will hear “I just love being, living or visiting here.” And, to be honest, there are the exceptions who do not like being here at all.

We’ve all had our windows opened regularly to enjoy the slow coming spring and summer fresh air. Fresh air can become an even more subjective phrase if the authority to determine what is fresh air is given over to the Department of Environmental Quality -the DEQ-.

The alternative to opening windows is central air when all windows and doors must be shut to operate efficiently. Studies have found; indoor air quality is worse, having more air pollution than outdoor air. This information is available, easy enough to find in scientific journals or online. The premise being what we house (cleaning products fabrics, furniture in other words every man made product) in our houses releases off gassing. Open windows diminishes the concentration of our exposure to the off gassing. Having fewer of these items also diminishes off gassing.

When someone moves here or visits the U.P. (Marquette County included),cognitively they take in the majesty of Lake Superior.

Fresh air however, cannot be framed.

The Department of Environmental Quality does not have the authority to redefine fresh air because fresh air is only the resulting atmosphere of natural environments. Air quality standards and requirements ‘were’ instituted because natural environments have been grossly compromised. Insidiously many of us through not acting, learning and speaking up allow the barely discernible compromises to grow into becoming the norm.

The Department of Environmental Quality only has the authority to rubber stamp permits, period. And what we like about living in or visiting Marquette is here because many have stepped up to being alive and protecting that right of all that is up here.

What will we leave to our grandchildren and theirs?

From near the shores of Gitchee Gumee/Lake Superior

Rosa Musket