Community will help overcome tragedy of fire

The tragedy of fire hit hard early Monday morning at the Seeds and Spores family Farm when the main barn burned to the ground.

The farm has been a fixture in the community for 15 years, supplying its products to area farmers markets, the Marquette Food Co-op, subscription members and local restaurants.

Included in the operation’s offerings are produce; shiitake and oyster mushrooms; grass-fed beef; pastured pork, chicken and turkey; and eggs.

According to its website, Seeds and Spores “produce and livestock are raised using only natural and authentic farming techniques. We are creating a living, mineralized soil to grow healthy plants to nourish healthy people.

“Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or growth hormones are never used on our farm. We are committed to providing quality local food to help sustain our community and environment.”

Operations at the 10-acre farm in Chocolay Township will continue, but destruction of the barn will hamper things a bit. The barn was used as a washing and packaging area, walk-in cooler and freezer, livestock and fertilizer storage area and shop, as well as other activities that occur on a farm.

The community has been quick to pitch in, as well, with moral support offered by some Marquette City Commission members at Monday evening’s meeting and donations being made to a rebuilding effort, even as the ashes were still warm.

In the first day after the fire, about $5,500 had been donated, with a goal being set by local supports of $35,000 to assist the farm. Donations can be made at

Marquette County residents have embraced the movement toward eating more natural and organic foods and buying local products whenever possible.

Seeds and Spores Family Farm has certainly been an integral part of that movement, and it’s a positive reflection of the community to see its residents step up and help ensure that the farm’s involvement will continue.