Fourth of July a huge success in Marquette County

Once again, the Fourth of July was a hit in Marquette County, where fantastic weather and dedicated locals helped to offer an array of events appealing to residents of all ages.

Independence Day was honored throughout the region in the usual way, by parades and honorary events, including a rededication by the American Legion of the Veterans Memorial Mall in downtown Marquette.

Later in the day, the Marquette parade provided a show for visitors young and old, while on the west end, the holiday was marked with parades, amateur fireworks and the annual Ishpeming and Westwood alumni softball tournaments.

As per usual, the Fourth of July celebrations were anchored by Marquette’s stunning fireworks display, organized by the Marquette Area Fourth of July Committee. The showers of color highlighted the skies over the historic Lower Harbor ore dock and, in the mild summer night, thousands of people flocked downtown to watch the show.

The backdrop for the fun and revelry was the 28th annual International Food Fest, hosted in the city’s Lower Harbor by the Marquette County Exchange Club. The club donates all proceeds -$750,000 in total over the years – to nonprofit groups.

We hope readers got an opportunity to get out during the Fourth of July holiday to enjoy at least one of these wonderful events, and we want to offer a sincere thank you to the countless volunteers involved.

The Fourth of July is a fantastic time in Marquette County, but it would be far less enjoyable without the work of groups like the Exchange Club, the Fourth of July Committee and the American Legion, as well as others who take time out of their schedules to plan these wonderful events.

Thank you.