Listen to people

To the Journal editor:

I am responding to the story in The Mining Journal, “Group seeks second ballot initiative on wolf hunts.”

I love nature and have enjoyed driving around this beautiful county. Nature is a wondrous thing to stop and enjoy. I, along with a quarter of a million citizens living in Michigan believe that wolves are a part of this wonderful land, and deserve to be protected and treasured!

Wolves provide a balance in nature, unlike man; wolves kill what they need to survive, as they remove the weak, sick, injured, or elderly from the herd.

The government of Michigan, and Mr. Fritz, wrongfully claim wolves as game, and state that they are using science as a decision maker. Clearly wolves are being hunted not to provide food on man’s table, for wolves are not hunted like deer or elk. Instead, wolves are subjected to vicious acts of torture, hounding, baiting with poisons, or, hooks, trapping, and denning etc. It is clear; wolves are being hunted for trophies and the thrill of inflicting pain and suffering.

Studies have proven, that in Oregon, where wolf hunting has been banned for two years, livestock loss has dropped by half, while in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming where the management plan allows for the massacring of wolves, there has seen an increase in livestock losses, thus proving that wolves are responsible for maintaining stability in nature.

It is disgraceful that the Michigan legislature has no regard for wolves, or the citizens who voted for them for representation. Instead of using sound intelligence and science in their decision making, they are choosing to appease a small group of ranchers and hunters.

We have seen how the other states’ wolf management plans allow barbaric acts to be committed, and even endorsed! The “plans” are not for the recovery of the wolves, but for the extermination of them.

Should the Michigan legislature choose to execute the wolf hunt despite the voices of the citizens, then perhaps the citizens of Michigan need to elect officials that hear the cries of the citizens and wolves.