Write angles: U.P. authors cover many genres

MARQUETTE – More than a dozen Upper Peninsula authors and publishers were on hand Saturday inside the Westwood Mall in Marquette to meet their fans and share their work.

Hosted by the U.P. Publishers & Author’s Association as well as the Westwood Mall, the U.P. Authors Day and Book Fair took place from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m., with tables set up throughout the mall displaying books of all kinds.

The books ranged from hunting guides to romance novels, children’s books to historical fiction, offering visitors a little taste of almost every genre out there.

Joe Massie, a Quinnesec native and author of “A Quinnesec Kid” was on hand to sign books.

He said his inspiration for the book came from two sources – his constant need to write things down and his wish to leave something behind for his children.

“I did a lot of writing,” Massie said. “I wrote everything down and I stored it in boxes and bags in my basement.”

But it wasn’t until he a read a very influential magazine article that Massie decided to do something with all those stories from his life.

“Somebody wrote in the magazine, they said ‘The greatest gift you can give your children is the story of your life,’ and I thought that over, and I says, ‘I know they might read the book. I know they’re not going to go through my boxes of bags and stuff,'” Massie said. “So, I got started on it.”

With help from his wife and Globe Printing in Ishpeming, Massie turned those stories into “A Quinnesec Kid,” a collection of essays of what life in Quinnesec was like for a young boy.

Lake Linden native Deborah K. Frontiera feels the same urge to write as Massie, as is evident by the 13 published works she has available currently.

Dabbling in several different fields, Frontiera has books on Upper Peninsula history and sci-fi fantasy, as well as children’s picture books.

“I had stories that just bugged me in the back of my mind and haunted my dreams until I wrote them down,” Frontiera said, of her foray into the writing world.

She said she was enjoying the meet-and-greet inside the mall.

“It’s always a gamble (doing book signings),” Frontiera said. “You never know what kind of sales you’re going to get, but I’m talking with fun people that I haven’t seen in a long time, so I’m enjoying the day.”

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