Second time a charm

To the Journal editor:

Here we go with round two. The last time wolf supporters collected way in excessive of the number of signatures required to have the wolf hunt put on the ballot, Michigan Legislature decided to pass new laws making the signatures useless and the citizens voiceless. I wonder if the voice of the people will count this time?

As the granddaughter of a Michigan native, and as someone who lives in a state were wolf policy is currently being decided, I am extremely alarmed that the democratic process could so easily be thrown out the window.

It seems if you are an average citizen, and not an organization with huge sums of money like the NRA, the Safari Club, or the Cattle Associations, you no longer have a say in what happens in your own state (or country for that matter).

The truth of the matter is, the majority of Americans support wolves and wolf recovery. The truth of the matter is, only about 7 percent of American claim to be hunters.

That means about 93 percent of us are not. The truth of the matter is, people do not eat wolves. Therefore, wolves are not game and should not have been classified as such.

Wolves are apex predators and a vital part of a healthy ecosystem. They should be treated with the respect that science and the public, demand.

Janet Hoben

Burbank, Calif.