Pepin a double winner at Sands Speedway

SANDS – Steve Pepin was the lone double winner during Sands Speedway racing held June 29.

Pepin won the second heat and the feature race in the Super Stock category, though it was Brian Ely of Marquette who recorded the fastest time in that class of 16.474. Shane Miller took the first heat.

Other feature race winners included Doug Maki of Perkins in the Purestock, Matt Adams in Four-Cylinder Modified and Rob Goodwin of Marquette in Late Model.

Fastest times were put up by Maki, 18.795, in Purestock; John Holliday of Ishpeming, 17.539, in Four-Cylinder Modified; and Goodwin, 15.297, in Late Model.

Here are the top three finishers in each race:

Purestock – Heat: 1st, John Ritari; 2nd, Daniel Artibee; 3rd, Gerald Lanaville. Feature: 1st, Maki; 2nd, Ritari; 3rd, Joe Holm.

Four-Cylinder Modified – Heat: 1st, Todd Maki; 2nd, Matt Adams; 3rd, Jeremy Yelle. Feature: 1st, Adams; 2nd, Todd Maki; 3rd, Holliday.

Super Stock – First heat: 1st, Miller; 2nd, Stuart Maki; 3rd, Stan Wittler. Second heat: 1st, Pepin; 2nd, Darryl Wirkula; 3rd, Ross Olsen Sr. Feature: 1st, Pepin; 2nd, Wirkula; 3rd, Stuart Maki.

Late Model – Heat: 1st, Gary McCoullough (driving Mike Mattson’s car); 2nd, Jason Stanaway; 3rd, Goodwin. Feature: 1st, Goodwin; 2nd, McCoullough; 3rd, Allan Yelle.